Free meditation | Grounding & aligning with your soul essence (ENG)

The effects of this meditation:

  • You will become more centered and grounded into your body & will find a feeling of safety and ‘home’ within the body
  • You will feel a stronger connection with the earth and with God-Source
  • You will feel a stronger alignment with your soul essence and your own light (and receive guidance from this place)
  • You will receive a purification from your own soul-essence
  • You will feel a stronger connection with your heart, highest joy and love

The steps you will follow (that help you ground & connect with your own soul) during this meditation, are easy to apply into your daily life. It is a great way to live a more soul-aligned life and to open yourself towards your own soul-guidance.

This activation / meditation includes:

Access to an online environment, with the following content:

  • 22 minutes healing meditation
  • Relaxing background music
  • You will learn an alignment technique you can apply in your daily life
  • You will have two years unlimited access to this product